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The Transitioning Student Veteran in Higher Education


by Karina Money, Ed.D. and LTC (ret) Andrew Griffin, Ed.D.

The Transitioning Student Veteran is guided by a single principle, to serve as an aid to the student veteran who is transitioning from active duty into higher education. This book is specifically tailored to help student veterans incorporate their personal journey of transition from military to college and design their path to academic and civilian career success. By emphasizing on wartime service, making meaning of those experiences, and continuing the journey of being a lifelong learner, student veterans will find their transition to a successful civilian life made much easier.

About the Authors


Karina Money, Ed.D.

Dr. Karina Money is a nationally recognized expert in personality type and student veteran transition and career development. She is an educational consultant and career coach and has received national recognition as a highly-regarded public speaker and consultant. Dr. Money has presented at universities, national conferences, and training sessions on matters related to student veteran transition, campus readiness for veterans, and transitioning into a successful career through academic success. Dr. Money lives in Boston with her husband and two children.


LTC (ret) Andrew Griffin, Ed.D.

Dr. Andrew Griffin is a retired United States Army Officer and combat veteran who used his veteran educational benefits to obtain his Doctor of Education in 2007. Since his graduation he has become a nationally recognized expert in serving the military and veteran in higher education. Dr. Griffin has presented at several colleges and universities, conferences, and training events related to campus readiness for veterans and student veteran transition and retention. Dr. Griffin lives in the mountains of Northern Arizona outside Flagstaff with his wife.