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Straight Talk for Veterans: A Guide to Transitioning into Higher Education and the Civilian Workplace

PREORDER TODAY - Release date December 1, 2018

Available in Hardcover ($90.00) and Paperback ($49.99)

Straight Talk for Veterans: A Guide to Transitioning into Higher Education and the Civilian Workplace evolved from a call by veterans and practitioners to move away from academic volumes that don’t resonate with the reader and frankly fall short of really helping veterans succeed.  

Straight Talk for Veterans is a straight-forward guide primarily intended for those transitioning from the military to higher education, but also for general veteran transitions to civilian life. Designed as a companion text aligned with numerous proven veteran transition curricula, it serves the dual purpose of guiding practitioners to be able to support veterans through a more culturally competent lens. 

Straight Talk’s diverse chapter authors deliver a comprehensive array of accessible information that covers concepts of negotiating transitions, navigating higher education, skills assessment and translation, and a series of fresh perspectives on concepts frequently misunderstood or mischaracterized by civilians. This text is most valuable to the student veteran or the campus that wants to focus their energies on the real success of student veterans: graduating and finding a job. 

Written in a style that speaks directly to the student, this is not an attempt to over analyze student veterans with anecdotal observations and small-scale research – this is a practical guide that has been endorsed by senior military leaders and veteran advocates and is being reviewed by numerous institutions for adoption into their curriculum and by US government agencies looking to support the transition of student veterans.

About the Authors


Dr. Karina Money

Dr. Karina Money is a nationally recognized author and expert in personality type and student veteran transition and career development. She is an educational consultant and career coach and has received national recognition as a highly-regarded public speaker and consultant. Dr. Money has presented at universities, national conferences, and training sessions on matters related to student veteran transition, campus readiness for veterans, and transitioning into a successful career through academic success.

Dr. Money lives in Boston with her husband and two children.


Dr. David Vacchi

Dr. David Vacchi is a veteran of over 20 years of service in the US Army and is one of the nation’s leaders in student veteran theory, scholarship, and advocacy.  A veteran of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, Dr. Vacchi has been influential in a movement of scholars that view veterans from a strengths perspective.  Rather than presuming struggle, or failure, of our student veterans Dr. Vacchi’s scholarship explores understanding student veterans, real veteran-friendliness, and why veterans succeed in higher education.  Dr. Vacchi has been a frequent speaker at the Louisville Veteran Symposium, NASPA, the NASPA Military Connected Students Symposium, and other local and regional conferences around the nation.  Dr. Vacchi is a former chair of the NASPA Veterans Knowledge Community and is an editorial board member of the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice.