The Transitioning Student Veteran in Higher Education (Hardcover)

The Transitioning Student Veteran in Higher Education (Hardcover)

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A Reference Guide and Text Book of Best Practices for Finding Your Civilian Career through Academic Success

by Karina Money, Ed.D. and LTC (Ret.) Andrew Griffin, Ed.D.

The Transitioning Student Veteran is guided by a single principle, to serve as an aid to the student veteran who is transitioning from active duty into higher education. This book is specifically tailored to help student veterans incorporate their personal journey of transition from military to college and design their path to academic and civilian career success. By emphasizing on wartime service, making meaning of those experiences, and continuing the journey of being a lifelong learner, student veterans will find their transition to a successful civilian life made much easier.


 “Dr. Karina Money and LTC (Ret) Andrew Griffin have provided an excellent road map and single source book that guides transitioning veterans through the necessary steps to pursue academic goals that enable their individual goals. In user-friendly, very readable format, the authors have structured a superb road map that veterans can follow and receive immediately applicable information on all facets of transitioning. We did not have this kind of transition “tool bag” to assist our veterans in the past, laid out in a logical, highly usable style. We do now, and I highly recommend this superb effort to any and all veterans anywhere along the process of transition.”
- David D. McKiernan, General (Ret), U.S. Army
“This book is a must read for service members and veterans who are thinking about bettering themselves through higher education and a great resource tool for college administrators.  The experience and passion of the authors is demonstrated via the granular detail to which they articulate, educate and guide the reader through the transition processes.  This is the guidebook and checklist that ensures success not only in higher education but also in obtaining a meaningful career upon graduation.”
- Colonel Steven Weintraub, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
“This is a must read for all those separating from the military!  The chapters in this book speak directly to the student veteran giving not only a realistic picture of the journey to higher education and beyond but also providing a holistic approach to student and professional success.  The authors have taken everything in consideration that is needed to guide the students from choosing a school, and navigating VA Education benefits to becoming a critical thinker in the classroom and translating important military skills to the professional civilian workforce.  This book should be provided to all exiting service members as they transition from military life to civilian life!”
- Laurie Jordon, U.S. Air Force Veteran